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perfection shattered

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Many writers refer to childhood as an innocent time. For me, it was a time of perfection – I felt undamageable and a perfect being who could whatever she wanted. My thoughts go in this direction today because I just saw a little girl, perhaps 7 years old, fall down onto her bare knees while […]

Processing Gaia

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Listening to: TV on the Radio, Seeds Earth has some beautiful lessons for me growth and decay growth feels open and full it burns on the edges I follow it as a dancing partner aiming for grace stumbling at times falling and bruising sulking slowly coming back onto the dance floor to catch up with […]

Every time

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every time I try to find the silver lining the good result of shitty experiences the tarnished underside shows up instead a gratitude for the love of simple data turns into an inability to connect with my heart because it does not speak in formulas and squares the sense that I might have these lesions […]

Mental Health Journal 02

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May 5, 2016 10:41pm Tomorrow is a new moon called Awakening Moon, my two year Alanon anniversary and I took the first dose of Prozac tonight.

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And I cannot

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And I cannot read poetry For the lyrics sing to my heart And leave me aching Too touched, moved For any action This bursting sensation This inspiration Fills the cracks and pushes past the walls Leaving me staring into an abyss So familiar that I don’t recognize it’s face So foreign that it sits inside […]


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We are very serious. I love that I can chat with my lovely twin-flame, mon amie soeur, Shivala. Talking with her is very heartening. We come from the same part of the galaxy that is not this one. I’ve gotten to video skype – something I NEVER do – with her twice in the last […]

a thank you list to today

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. : happy heart, thankful being : . …stepping onto a new branch of my path that has served to open my heart and ground me into this body, all while being my “job” as Chiropractic Assitant to Dr. Melanie Hernand (aka Dr. Mel) at SoulWorks. I love Network Spinal Analysis – it changed my […]


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did you know that masticating thoroughly is the key to proper absorption of that which is chewed? while I sit here I chew on what you said that last time we spoke in words concurrently I masticate a delicious salad made of only things good for me now that I’ve chewed it completely I’d say […]

Little Birchy

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I recently started a paper journal to document my job search process. I misplaced it. It is thoroughly frustrating for me to have lost this item. However, I will not use this forum to extol the virtues of digital anything. I’ve lost blog posts, word processed documents and digital photos almost at the same rate […]