Little Birchy

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I recently started a paper journal to document my job search process.
I misplaced it.
It is thoroughly frustrating for me to have lost this item.

However, I will not use this forum to extol the virtues of digital anything. I’ve lost blog posts, word processed documents and digital photos almost at the same rate as journals, printed papers/letters, and printed photos.

I’m just sad about this journal because it was the first one that I’d planned on looking back at in the future to get a hindsight view of my experience with the detail of my written notes added.

Perhaps that was just too much planning on my part. I’m okay with that but I miss my little journal. It was cute. Here’s what the cover looked like.

It made me happy and had a great binding. Sigh. I’ll miss you little birchy. I still have hope to find you in a random place where I will greet you with a laugh and some ink on your pages to celebrate.

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1 Response to “Little Birchy”

  1. adriene

    I did find Little Birchy – right around the time I started my new job and therefore didn’t need to add much more to her pages.