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There I was in the kitchen, making myself some coffee to perk me up a bit when the following lyrics came out of my mouth. You raise my hopes, then you raise the odds. You tell me that I dream to much …from a The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove on Into the Labyrinth by Dead Can […]


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did you know that masticating thoroughly is the key to proper absorption of that which is chewed? while I sit here I chew on what you said that last time we spoke in words concurrently I masticate a delicious salad made of only things good for me now that I’ve chewed it completely I’d say […]

Dream Journal – Entry 10

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Nolita was on the cover of a DVD of Ecstatic Dance – it was moving like the newspapers in Harry Potter. Then I was digging my hands thru a container of shapes, about the size of making a circle with your forefinger & thumb. They were called merkabas and the one that stood out to […]

5yr surprise


For our first anniversary, I told Shannon we were going away for the weekend, that I wasn’t telling him where, that I’m covering our lodging & he can cover food. He drove & I told him where to turn & when not to look at the signs. Since he’d never been to Pt Reyes, he […]