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Project 40.01.39

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I got back from my off-line, off-the-grid vacation over a week ago and, at first, was just enjoying having as little to do as possible. Then, I didn’t post here because I had more to do than I was comfortable with. Now, I’m feeling overwhelmed and depressed and am posting here after midnight on the […]

Project 40.01.22

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This amazing image (best viewed large – click it) by Kirsty Mitchell from her Wonderland series is a great depiction of what I’ll be doing for the next week. Reading books and enjoying nature. I won’t be entering my Project 40.01 notes until I get back – and then I might just pick up where […]

Project 40.01.21

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Thanks tfisherart for the image. I love how the brushstrokes have depth. Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: I’m okay with rule breaking as long as you don’t hinder my ability to do what I need to do. I will break rules but only if it’s safe and non- disruptive to do […]

Project 40.01.20

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It’s the halfway point… Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: I’m a little bored with this process. Oracle: Realizing this is the halfway point led me to this thoughtful post on a blog with the same name. There’s more there for me, but not right now. Body: Upped the detox steps from […]

Project 40.01.19

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Sometimes I do the photo here first, sometimes last. Tonight, it was last. After writing everything below, I searched images for “blah, blah, blah.” Mel Bochner’s painting of the same name came up. A few clicks thru, and I found the middle piece. These five images together resonate with what my mind chatter is like […]

Project 40.01.18

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I bought two and got these free! I love inexpensive but good quality sunglasses. Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: I have very little patience for mediocre service at any place that offers customer service. Oh. I’ve mentioned that before. I guess it’s not much of a confession anymore. Oh, I know, […]

Project 40.01.16

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Isn’t this the best? Lucky guy and fox. Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: I’m a tempered conspiracy theorist. I like to hear the theories, I tend to buy into them, but it’s all tempered by an understanding that I just have to focus on my own path and heart song. That I […]

Project 40.01.13

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Origins of this project can be read here. This is what a blossom looks like. Confession: In the past, I’ve held myself together when I went to therapy. I’m going to start again and will try less holding. I’m terrified that I will combust if I do this. Oracle: I realized that I didn’t need […]

Project 40.01.12

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This is my beautiful city, within which, I like to walk. Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: Whenever I see someone on the pay phone in front of my apartment building, I judge him/her. Oracle: Saw lots of sevens today. Body: Went on a walk of over 25 blocks, did yoga in […]

Project 40.01.11

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Thanks to this site for the amazing photo. Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: At the beginning of Day 11, as I was falling asleep (my days go from 10:30pm-10:30pm because I like to write at night and start my days with rest), I had a realization of something someone else needs […]