Project 40.01.12

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This is my beautiful city, within which, I like to walk.

Origins of this project can be read here.

Whenever I see someone on the pay phone in front of my apartment building, I judge him/her.

Saw lots of sevens today.

Went on a walk of over 25 blocks, did yoga in the park mid walk, drank over a liter of water during said walk.

Virtue: had a delicious cup of Pu Erh tea, even tho I wanted coffee
Vice: to a client, I referred to the steam in a facial as “a cloud of oppression” before I had a chance to say it differently (not really a vice but, well… you know how I feel about this question)

Let go of some anxious feelings I’d developed around the idea of our upcoming wedding.

Enjoying digging into the work of Stephen Albair.

Had a great day with time flowing from now to then easily. It just gets so fast after 9:30pm

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