Project 40.01.20

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It’s the halfway point

Origins of this project can be read here.

I’m a little bored with this process.

Realizing this is the halfway point led me to this thoughtful post on a blog with the same name. There’s more there for me, but not right now.

Upped the detox steps from homeopathic only to including herbal and more physical steps.

Vice: I want everything to just work itself out, now that Mercury is direct.
Virtue: I’m able to maintain my focus on what needs to be done when, even tho I want to plan everything now that Mercury is direct.

No more nerves about my hair. I think I’ve trimmed it up to a place where I’ll be able to let it grow on it’s own for a while. Attempting to grow curly locks that I’m into…

Looking for my muse.

I finished this post even tho I didn’t even feel like starting it.

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