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Project 40.02.03

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Confession: I disguise lack of discipline as following my heart. I’m still not sure when one is not the other. Oracle: OWL I found an owl feather today. Body: Rode up Webster on the bicycle & noticed fatigue in my glutes. Did not stretch. Ate ice cream & pie. I feel itchy, bloated & uncomfortable. […]

Project 40.02.01

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In my last post I said I’d do something creative every day, for 40 days, in an effort to move into a bigger space as a creative person. I wrote this little “haiku” to the moon: Oh blackest black moon renew me with your empty and lets start anew And now, onto the 7 Elements: […]

Project 40.02.00

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It’s a new moon and I’m ready to do Project 40 again. My boss posted this essay about Self Worth and then Sherene emailed about her 13th incarnation of Project 40 and I realized I was a little trepidatious about doing it again. I saw that the moon was at exactly 0% – completely new […]