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a small list of requests

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1. if you own and use a cellular or mobile phone, please – don’t answer it if you can’t spend a moment to talk with the person calling you. that’s what voicemail and caller ID are for. if it’s an emergency, the person will call back. whatever you do, don’t answer and say “I have […]

little blog tussle

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Below is a really funny blog war that I’ve been involved in. It’s funny because we both posted “Daily OM” emails that talk all about positivity and spirituality and we both posted them for the other. I recently received a series of emails from someone who doesn’t agree with the way I live my life. […]

music makes me feel better

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1a. grumplesaurus all day (gawd I can’t wait to be done with this job – only 20 more working days…) decided to take a very small check to the bank just to get out of this office.couldn’t resist the mega media store “sale” on “80s” stuff I walked out with a flatter wallet and three […]

today on 6th street…

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I went to my favorite mexican place for a burrito – it’s acutally the less enticing version of the favorite place, because the neighborhood is awful (btwn mission and market on 6th) but it’s the same food and I wanted it bad, so I decided to plunge in. I walked out the back door to […]

Repost: A Little St. Patrick’s Day History Lesson


I pulled this off of my friend Samir’s blog [back in 2006, when i posted this, his blog was on myspace but he’s since deleted his account] because I was thinking the same thing and he did all the writing. If you disagree, post it here and we can have a lively discussion.I might have […]

clawing her way out

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For a few weeks now, I’ve been ready to cry at the slightest bit of depth. Last week, I left a trail of tears in front of a sculpture installation at SFMoMa, as well as every bit of art leading up to it. I hear songs that move me and can’t listen with joy any […]