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1a. grumplesaurus all day (gawd I can’t wait to be done with this job – only 20 more working days…) decided to take a very small check to the bank just to get out of this office.
couldn’t resist the mega media store “sale” on “80s” stuff

I walked out with a flatter wallet and three new CDs

Madonna (of course) – Like a Virgin (now I finally own the CD…my mom has my vinyl somewhere, I think/hope)
Heart – Heart (same as above re: vinyl)
Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair

Yay, now I can sing along to three more cds.

[heavy bit]
1b. I used to sing the TFF song “Shout” (I think you might know it) when I was like, uh, 8 or something, when that song was popular originally, to my dad and I’d yell the part “I’d really love to break your heart.”
Perhaps I knew he’d break mine later…
[/heavy bit]

2. was a grumplesaurus on Monday (I had to go to work – no, not to work, but to keep from having to use a vacation day to not work) and when the “going to a movie double feature where the second movie is free” plan didn’t pan out, I continued decoupaging tea tags to my tea tin while singing along as loud as I could to Fiona Apple’s Tidal and I slowly became perky – especially when I realized that I was finished my tea tin (the decoupaging part – now I have to find toy truck wheels to attach to the bottom).

3. when I was in college, it was non-traditional. I got graded on how long I could sit up and then hop with my legs in (half) lotus during an 1.5 hour meditation session, twice a day, in a large, gold, domed building with a cement floor covered in foam mattresses coverd in white sheets. I also got graded on how well/often I put a particular man’s philosophy into my school work (the more, the higher the grade, the more likely you were to get an award upon graduation – unlike me). When I got overwhelmed by all of it, I would either listen to Soundgarden Superunknown or Peter Gabriel’s Passion depending on the vibe of the overwhelm.
One of the wonderful benefits of my strange university experience was the regular doses of live Ghandarva Ved music concerts that would happen in one of those foamy, sheety domy buildings [read: lying down to float away to never never land because of the dreamyness of the music.] I think they happened once a month and were free.

4. SIGH.

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