Every time

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every time I try to find the silver lining the good result of shitty experiences the tarnished underside shows up instead a gratitude for the love of simple data turns into an inability to connect with my heart because it does not speak in formulas and squares the sense that I might have these lesions […]

Mental Health Journal 02

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May 5, 2016 10:41pm Tomorrow is a new moon called Awakening Moon, my two year Alanon anniversary and I took the first dose of Prozac tonight.

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And I cannot

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And I cannot read poetry For the lyrics sing to my heart And leave me aching Too touched, moved For any action This bursting sensation This inspiration Fills the cracks and pushes past the walls Leaving me staring into an abyss So familiar that I don’t recognize it’s face So foreign that it sits inside […]

Iris Egbers photographed by Stefano Moro Van Wyk for Tush

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(the only words in this post title that I recognize are “photographed,” “by” and “for”) Shannon found this on Today’s Tie. I never got into the tumblr thing so I guess I’m being old fashioned by posting it here. Click on the image to see it bigger – the jewels on her face are so […]


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We are very serious. I love that I can chat with my lovely twin-flame, mon amie soeur, Shivala. Talking with her is very heartening. We come from the same part of the galaxy that is not this one. I’ve gotten to video skype – something I NEVER do – with her twice in the last […]

Well, that didn’t go quite as planned…

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…but I definitely feel on the other side of something – be it 40 days of detailed focus and documentation or allowing oneself to float a bit more. I did the latter after starting on the former and after reading my last Project 40 post, I’m really excited about my current perspective.

Project 40.02.03

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Confession: I disguise lack of discipline as following my heart. I’m still not sure when one is not the other. Oracle: OWL I found an owl feather today. Body: Rode up Webster on the bicycle & noticed fatigue in my glutes. Did not stretch. Ate ice cream & pie. I feel itchy, bloated & uncomfortable. […]

Project 40.02.01

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In my last post I said I’d do something creative every day, for 40 days, in an effort to move into a bigger space as a creative person. I wrote this little “haiku” to the moon: Oh blackest black moon renew me with your empty and lets start anew And now, onto the 7 Elements: […]

Project 40.02.00

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It’s a new moon and I’m ready to do Project 40 again. My boss posted this essay about Self Worth and then Sherene emailed about her 13th incarnation of Project 40 and I realized I was a little trepidatious about doing it again. I saw that the moon was at exactly 0% – completely new […]