Processing Gaia

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Listening to: TV on the Radio, Seeds

Earth has some beautiful lessons for me
growth and decay
growth feels open and full
it burns on the edges
I follow it as a dancing partner
aiming for grace
stumbling at times
falling and bruising
slowly coming back onto the dance floor
to catch up
with my experience

decay feels like a relief in its familiarity
the gray removes the overbrights
it lightens the shadows
dulls the edges
sometimes the forest floor is 10 feet thick
smells amazing
holds you in its softness and fecundity
other times
fruit flies scatter
from the stench and slime
any time I move
with creaking joints like
that weathered old wooden rocker
on the porch in the desert
in the middle of the hottest part of summer

and then a sprout
an insight
flash of light
an unexpected shower of cleansing rain

decay leads to growth
the ache of breaking down
only second to the
searing pain of opening

and I’m dancing again
and my body feels different
and I’m exploring this new dance floor

processing shani
Saturn challenges are ones that last a lifetime
they feel heavy and dark and immobile

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