About Adriene

It’s true, I have a few interests. Here is a list of some of them:

  • lists
  • sewing
  • photography
  • bicycling
  • reading
  • water
  • healing
  • yoga
  • painting
  • grammar
  • ecology
  • food
  • philosophy

addysesthetics.com is dedicated to product reviews and has information about my esthetic and massage practices.

For personal contributions to the interwebs, here are some of the places you can find me.

– I used to use http://crimsonic.blogspot.com/ as my blog, but now all of that is here. I’m not that regular; I started it back in 2005 and post about 20 times a year.

– I’ve always loved taking photos and I love using Flickr to organize and display some of them.
– I also post phone photos here on occasion. Sometimes the two intersect.

– I keep up with friends from as far back as elementary school over on Facebook but I don’t use that site to connect with strangers, unless they’re friends of friends. I like to keep it real over there.
– Microblogging on Twitter is quite fun as well.

– I have some wish lists on Amazon dot com. I’d be SO excited to receive any of the items on any of those lists…