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Alfredo and the best corn muffins ever

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I’ve been a fan of corn bread and corn muffins since I can remember.So, when I saw this post by Shanny’s sister, Rena: http://sandwicharchitecture.wordpress.com I decided to try it.Ever the fiddler, here’s how I changed it. Rena’s Corn MuffinsSlightly adapted(I copied and pasted her recipe and directions and edited where I changed it) Ingredients * […]

For all of you who are gay or who love someone gay.

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Kudos to playwrite Jeff Whitty for writing this honest and straightforward open letter to Jay Leno. Open Letter to Jay Leno I have lots of gay individuals in my life and I find humor against them to be tasteless and ignorant – unless one of them is telling the joke… I’ve been known to chew […]

Repost: A Little St. Patrick’s Day History Lesson


I pulled this off of my friend Samir’s blog [back in 2006, when i posted this, his blog was on myspace but he’s since deleted his account] because I was thinking the same thing and he did all the writing. If you disagree, post it here and we can have a lively discussion.I might have […]

best chat ever

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jkitten: WOWjkitten: I just did a HUGE walk about outsideacrimson: nice – what did you find?jkitten: a new branch of my bank to make a depositjkitten: then two little alleyways that cut off the people traffic… and a cute little crafts galleryacrimson: funacrimson: did you get rained on?jkitten: THEN I went to Hole Dudes and […]

a poem

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An eloquent friend of mine, Kilowatt, always posts the most amazing quotes and thoughts. This poem really spoke to me and I wanted to keep it close so i could read it a few hundred times and maybe understand it a little. Enjoy. Woven of Flame and Snow Finding her body wovenAs if of flame […]

Blue Lock

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Blue Lock Originally uploaded by fakeamerica. this photo makes me feel nice.

Meeting across the membrane of vulnerability will redistribute pain, loosening its hold and making healing a basic part of all our relationships.

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Defending against the new is a fruitless battle that cannot be won, regardless of how much rage is poured into the fight. Take your seed and plant in new terrain where great care will be required to make it grow, but where the rewards can exceed your highest expectations. Our responsibility for the next two […]


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“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness… Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of […]

June 17th, 4:00pm – chat

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hi babyi’ve been pleasantly lost in thoughts of you all dayi had pizza for lunch. office meetingjust walked around the city w/ dave a bit4:10 PMShalako has gone offline.4:45 PMShalako is now online.4:55 PMawwyou’re such a poetI ate a pot cookie about an hour and a half ago and made a deposit at the bankthen […]

i used to call my father bupa

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[This is a rather long post, btw, with some really personal stuff at the bottom – so, if you’re not interested in this story because it’s not about me, scroll to the bottom] So, I get this esoteric spiritual email from a friend – “little story I thought you’d like” was the subject line. Cynicism […]