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Dream Journal – Entry 13

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While I was actually sleeping in, I dreamed I was in some kind of family country house, sleeping in, feeling sexy, in a comfy bed in a bright room. I was awoken in the dream by some friends/family going to the porch that was next to my room. It was a happy awakening – they […]

Dream Journal – Entry 12

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All week, I had been planning to get up early today and go to my mentor‘s house in San Jose for a special 11/11/11 11:11 ceremony. Then, last night, I was just feeling the need to stay home and have my own personal ceremony. The boyfriend left for work and said goodbye before 9am and […]

Dream Journal – Entry 11

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I was on the deck of a big boat, lying on a blanket with my dad’s ex-girlfriend, Bonnie. She said “incoming.” in a calm way and I look up and see a giant wave coming towards the boat. It came over the side but only on the half of the deck that was opposite us. […]

Dream Journal – Entry 10

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Nolita was on the cover of a DVD of Ecstatic Dance – it was moving like the newspapers in Harry Potter. Then I was digging my hands thru a container of shapes, about the size of making a circle with your forefinger & thumb. They were called merkabas and the one that stood out to […]

Dream Journal – Entry 09


I was in a large, elegant house. The bedroom was tan & plum colored. It wasn’t my house but I felt at home there. There was a drama about a thief and some quarters that only related to me slightly. The best part was right before I woke up; I passed by a bread case […]

Dream Journal – Entry 08

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I’m at an old school all night party in a high school gym. There are giant containers of commercial candy everywhere. I’m gathering up one of each of the flavors that intrigue me – I wish I could remember the names – they were crazy! Someone had said something about some of the candy being […]

Dream Journal – Entry 07

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The other day I woke up to a dream where a group of friends and I were flying around without assistance. It was natural to us but also fun and exciting. We were practicing our techniques and it felt super realistic ie angling forward or backward, moving the arms to turn, etc. When we landed, […]

Dream Journal – Entry 06

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Was in my own bed with Shan – as if I’d slept with my eyes open. Shan had a little puppy – perhaps a Jack Russell – who’s name was Watson. It was clear to me that Watson was Shan’s dog. I asked him if he was training him and he said “he likes to […]

Dream Journal – Entry 05

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I was taken to mavericks for my first surfing lesson. The pros helping with the lesson shouted boredly that a small shark was coming, as if it were no big deal. It swam by me pretty close and I remained calm. Then it went after me a little bit by trying to bite my foot […]

Dream Journal – Entry 04

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I was travelling in New England & found myself driving. Bob showed up in passenger seat and was in charge of the gas pedal. I was happy but a little concerned about speed & navigation matching. We ended up in Portland, in an industrial part like near Casco Bay Lines & this is where he […]