Dream Journal – Entry 12

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All week, I had been planning to get up early today and go to my mentor‘s house in San Jose for a special 11/11/11 11:11 ceremony. Then, last night, I was just feeling the need to stay home and have my own personal ceremony. The boyfriend left for work and said goodbye before 9am and I went back to sleep and had this amazing dream.

I’m at their house in San Jose. Chuck is fiddling with a technology device and Kathleen says to him “you have to give it up – it’s just something to bind you to Adriene anyway” (in my email telling them I wasn’t going to make it, I had asked if maybe they could skype me in to the crystal bowl concert) I move on and am finding a seat in an area that doesn’t actually exist at their house and Kathleen looks very different from herself. The area is a maze of yellow tweed, high backed benches, like pews in a church but more comfortable because they are upholstered and padded. Kathleen has a straight, chin-length, dirty blonde bob and is sitting very close to one crystal bowl (every detail of which is practically opposite to waking reality).

She says something to me and then I get up because I wonder “how did I get here? I thought I wasn’t coming…” and I leave the room to go outside to see if I drove down. Sure enough, there’s a very interesting looking silver honda element in their driveway with a green zipcar sticker on the side. I’m happy I thought of such a great idea because it probably cost the same as the public transit option because it’s a short ceremony (normally, I go down there for hours at a time so zipcar isn’t cost effective).

I go back inside to my bag and Kathleen, as I’m used to her looking, is then next to me and I said “I made it! But, I didn’t realize I was going to make it so I don’t have a food offering” and she responded positively in some way. Then, we are in her kitchen (as I know it) and looking out the window at the back yard and I notice tattoos on her (she has none). She removes her shirt and her back has the most amazing fire tattoos that have white strokes in the middle of the flames that were made with scarification rather that tattooing – she tells me that it’s a rather painful way to mark oneself and I point out “but it LOOKS AMAZING!” (I wish I could draw better and show you – or just take a screen shot of my dream and post it here – soon enough, soon enough) The fire runs across her right shoulder and down her back diagonally to her left hip but it covers her whole back.

On her right hip and left lower back are big knives. (in researching knives to find out what kind they were, I discover that they are a beautiful flourishing version of juggling knives) I look closely at the knife handles and ask her what the handles are and she says they represent her guide animals. The one on her lower left has a handle made of black monkey hands and I don’t get to see what the other handle is.
(when considering a name for my massage practice, I thought to call it Monkey Fingers because that’s what my dad would call me when I’d be working on a small project)

Then I realize I don’t know for how long I rented the zip car so I get out my ipad to look it up but it’s stuck in some game and the home button isn’t working (<- woah - the analysis of that just comes pouring in). Then I try with my phone to get to the zipcar site and then I start to wake up. The imagery goes away and it fades into my considering driving down there instead of public transit. I do time math in my head and figure "it's 9 now, i'll have time to make cookies and leave by 10:15 to get there by 11" Then I open my eyes, excited for my new idea and, wah wah wah, it's 10:21. This was, by far, the most vivid dream I've had in months and I'm super glad it was today! Happy 11/11/11 darlings!

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