Dream Journal – Entry 09


I was in a large, elegant house.
The bedroom was tan & plum colored.
It wasn’t my house but I felt at home there.
There was a drama about a thief and some quarters that only related to me slightly.

The best part was right before I woke up; I passed by a bread case that was FILLED with beautiful looking, grainy delicious bread – the kind I love to eat.
In waking life, I purchased a loaf of bread yesterday and in my dream I said “oh, look at all this bread. We better freeze that loaf we just bought so we can make all of this bread last”

When I looked up the meaning of seeing bread in dreams I got the following snippets (my dream book is still in storage so I rely on the interwebs and my ability to decide quickly from the myriad options):
– seeing bread in dreams is always positive
– bread represents staff of life
– lots of bread in a dream means your needs will be met

Given that I was let go from my job just over a week ago, I was pleased to have this type of imagery showing up in my dreams. The universe is telling me that I’m going to be A OK! Yay!

ps – I wish I could show you the image of the bread from my dream – it was so luscious looking for bread.

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2 Responses to “Dream Journal – Entry 09”

  1. Vesper de Vil

    Just wanted to let you know….I’m reading your blog! Dreams are awesome, aren’t they?! 🙂

  2. adriene

    Yay! Thank you! I like to read your blog as well. I’m so glad you came out of that water fast with a better understanding.