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Art to be made: Pink Diorama

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There is a pink wooden diorama in my torso & its pointy edges hurt my guts. It’s time to extricate this piece & show it off.

birth assister lady


the awkward title is due to the awkwardness of the decision that i’m considering. *whispers shyly*I’m considering the path of the midwife it’s strange for me to say that for the following reasons:1. For years now, I’ve felt the need to adopt, if I ever decide to become a parent, more than creating and birthing […]

happy happy happy…

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…that’s me! I love my school and my studies.I just finished week one and I’m content and purring like a cat lying in a patch of sun, on a fuzzy blanket, after eating a whole lot of wet food and sitting in a lap being stroked for an hour (if you don’t know cats, you […]

it’s official

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I am now an Esthetician (aka Esthie) student at The San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology. At least, I signed the paperwork today. Class starts on August 15th. My last day of work will be August 11th, unless we replace me at work sooner than that… fingers crossed…I’ll be learning to administer facials and […]


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This is my first blog on a real blogsite. yipee. I feel a bit sheepish actually. Blogging is such an exhibitionist act and I’m, well, I’m a shy exhibitionist. Listen to Pinback’s new album Summer in Abbadon (Ab-a-don not A-bad-don) as it’s truly a masterpiece in music and lyrics. I can’t stop hearing it in […]