birth assister lady


the awkward title is due to the awkwardness of the decision that i’m considering.

*whispers shyly*

I’m considering the path of the midwife

it’s strange for me to say that for the following reasons:
1. For years now, I’ve felt the need to adopt, if I ever decide to become a parent, more than creating and birthing my own child.
2. I recently started a new career so I hesitate to move too quickly but feel very drawn to at least doing the research to decide if it’s the right idea.
3. Being a midwife ain’t no joke yo! To choose such a necessary and ancient role is really life affirming and scary and wonderful and daunting and did I say scary?

it’s absolutely natural for me to say that for the following reasons:
1. I’ve felt like a childless parent since my late teens – I’ve had ideas about child rearing since I can remember. People tend to ask me if I have kids when we talk about theirs because I say things like “Oh, he’s four? That’s such a fun age – differentiated but not as difficult as two and three” and “Well, teenagers can be like that – just be patient and she’ll come around”
2. All of my favorite facial clients are pregnant women and new mothers. It’s not a bias as much as just a joyful treat for me to be able to pamper a mother to be. I love hearing about the changes in lifestyle, the falling in love with her baby, and all of the physical conditions – good and bad.
3. I’ve been wanting to do something medical and serious and this seems to be the most joyful option I’ve considered.

in starting my research, i came across this blog post that references the project of a woman i met once or twice when i lived and studied art, science, ayurveda and philosophy in fairfield, iowa and who shares many friends of mine: One Million Mothers Creating a Miracle
the premise is that they’re asking for one million people to donate just $1 to help support Ibu Robin Lim’s clinic Yayasan Bumi Sehat

Please look around the site and, if you are so inspired, help in whatever way you can. Especially if you are going to Bali and can take the clinic much needed supplies that they rely on but can’t accept thru the mail because of “outrageous customs fees.”

At my job, we are given monthly challenges with occasional cash prizes for meeting goals. Last month I met a goal and was given $125 – $25 in cash and $100 in a visa check card. I gave the entirety of the visa check card, and will give any future visa check cards to Yayasan Bumi Sehat thru the paypal account here. I hope that inspires you to help them out as well.

Big thanks go out to Joel for turning me on to Yayasan Bumi Sehat and whose website has a sweet candid photo of Ibu Robin right on the home page.

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2 Responses to “birth assister lady”

  1. joel garnier


    Gina Maria Catena
    2023 Vale Rd Ste 107
    San Pablo, CA 94806
    (510) 231-9819

    gina catena is definitely the person to mentor you.

    she’s even in the same city as you.



  2. Heather

    Oh definitely start looking into it. There are so many ways to be a birth assister lady even if you decide full on midwifery isn’t for you – doula, nursing coach, mother/baby masseuse, pre/post natal nutritionist, etc, etc.

    Tis a noble calling!