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self portrait challenge – food.02


My second “food” entry for SPC. On Sunday, we went to Baker BeachView Larger Map and grumbled at the Blue Angels flexing their military muscle all over our supposed-to-be quiet day. Eventually, they landed and we were able to take a nap that left us hungry.Hungry and near Clement Street(which might as well be China […]

self portrait challenge – food.01


The challenge for SPC this month is food. Yay! I love food and I love photographing food and I love taking self portraits. I’ve just never focused on doing them together so this is super fun for me (rubs hands together with glee). The hardest part of this challenge is choosing only one image to […]

self portrait challenge – bathroom


this is my first contribution to self portrait challenge. i’ve completed the challenge in the past, just not gone all the way to posting here. i found the bathroom topic to be intriguing for a few reasons. the first being that i love the bathroom here at my boyfriend’s apartment and was excited to photo-document […]