self portrait challenge – food.02


My second “food” entry for SPC.

On Sunday, we went to Baker Beach

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and grumbled at the Blue Angels flexing their military muscle all over our supposed-to-be quiet day. Eventually, they landed and we were able to take a nap that left us hungry.
Hungry and near Clement Street

(which might as well be China Town West here in San Francisco) meant that we were on a hunt for noodles. Part of the hunt included trying to find noodles to cook at home.

And boy did we find them! The May Wah Supermarket made our night. We got oodles of noodles, veggies, soy milk, tea, a wok cleaning brush, some nice porcelain soup spoons, lots of different versions of bean paste filled cookies, a small bottle of sake and one small can of basil seed drink.

Below, you’ll see two photos (I have SUCH a hard time deciding!!) of me and the latter two Asian market finds.

Ahh, basil seed drink. I was pretty nervous to try this stuff, hence the drink not quite hitting my mouth.1

Mmm, nigori sake in a pretty pink bottle. It was a half bottle so my huge hand is actually not huge.


1Once he did it…

…I couldn’t back down!

It’s actually filled with these little gelatinously coated black seeds that taste vaguely of basil. The juice that they float inside tastes mildly of banana flavoring and the fun part was chomping down on the strange little seeds – it was easier to do so when only a small mouthful is ingested at a time.

The technique of filling the mouth with a big gulp and then trying to catch the seeds between the teeth…

…didn’t work so well.

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7 Responses to “self portrait challenge – food.02”

  1. bella*tessa

    I am such a texture eater. It is a compliment for me to say that your pictures are so great I almost gagged–at the thought of drinking that *stuff*!!

  2. jenica

    that look in the last pic is probably exactly how i would look if i tried this.

  3. kimberley

    Adventurous eating! Wish Orange County had such a place – I usually have to go into LA for such. Love the last picture 🙂

  4. JC

    I love noodles. I have never heard of that basil seed drink and I thought I was pretty up on my Asian foodstuffs. I kind of want to try it!

  5. Pam Genant

    It looked so interesting I had to google the drink and found a recipe. Think I will make some myself with seeds from my basil plants. Great pics.

  6. Kozy Kitty

    That looks very interesting! In regard to your comment on my chocolate selection–I LOVE Chocolove bars! I happened to be out of that when the photo was taken. My favorite is the one with cherries and nuts (I think macadamias or hazelnuts–can’t remember!). I think I’ve pretty much tried them all! I try to rotate my stock! Currently I’m enjoying and Endangered Species dark chocolate with blueberries!

  7. Georgia

    When I visit my mother she always tries to make me drink down some kind of psyllium (sp?) seed concoction she makes… UGH! It has the same gelatinous coating over the seeds… but gets thicker and thicker so if you don’t drink it right away you are drinking a thick sludge… blech.