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Project 40.01.16

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Isn’t this the best? Lucky guy and fox. Origins of this project can be read here. Confession: I’m a tempered conspiracy theorist. I like to hear the theories, I tend to buy into them, but it’s all tempered by an understanding that I just have to focus on my own path and heart song. That I […]

Little Birchy

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I recently started a paper journal to document my job search process. I misplaced it. It is thoroughly frustrating for me to have lost this item. However, I will not use this forum to extol the virtues of digital anything. I’ve lost blog posts, word processed documents and digital photos almost at the same rate […]


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Things I remember about being in court: wood being a small child having a chaperone peanut butter cup anxiety small voice confusion sunlight Mrs. Naylor mustard yellow jacket brown pants a $20 bill brown leather wingtips feeling the pain (on my behalf) in everyone’s heart (even the judge) witnessing myself from outside of myself

Sometimes a song comes on just to break my heart, again.

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Listening to Dead Can Dance’s album Into the Labyrinth makes me, an atheist, feel as if inside a temple where I am filled with a potent, un-nameable, un-categorical mystical energy. Their song “The Carnival is Over” is particularly mesmerizing for my spirit. Here are the lyrics: Outside The storm clouds gathering Move silently along the […]

the music that woke me up

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When I was a kid my bedroom was just off of the living room at the front of an old stone Victorian apartment house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I had two walls of windows and at the foot of my bed was a glass door with a sheer curtain, as if my room had […]

memories of ron – part I

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my dad’s a scuba diver. when I spent summers with him, sometimes he’d take me out to his dives with him. that usually meant that I’d sit in the boat while he was digging up starfish and sea urchins. sometimes I’d swim around and try to get back in the boat (which usually meant I’d […]