Dream Journal – Entry 06

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Was in my own bed with Shan – as if I’d slept with my eyes open. Shan had a little puppy – perhaps a Jack Russell – who’s name was Watson. It was clear to me that Watson was Shan’s dog. I asked him if he was training him and he said “he likes to heel” and Watson snuggled up with him.

Was at some kind of convention – perhaps seeing Amma. Jared was there and was really freaked out. I saw him hiding in a room and went to check on him. He said he couldn’t handle the purifying energy and I suggested that he go for a walk in the woods and really ground his energy in the earth. Some women were coming into the room to do some Vedic chanting – they seemed like Mother Divine women and they thought he needed the chanting to help him. He agreed because they were pretty strong about it so I left feeling that he’d made the wrong choice.

I ended up in the bath with a short haired redheaded girl. I asked her if she was lesbian or bi and she said “why do you want to categorize yourself to everyone” and then told me that seeing me in the bath made her tingle. I felt excited and hesitant.

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