Dream Journal – Entry 05

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I was taken to mavericks for my first surfing lesson. The pros helping with the lesson shouted boredly that a small shark was coming, as if it were no big deal. It swam by me pretty close and I remained calm. Then it went after me a little bit by trying to bite my foot but I chased it away by flailing my hands under water at it.
The instructor then showed me to a tall cave that was right on the edge of the crest of the wave (I’ve watched a few videos of surfing at Mavericks and have strong visuals of what the parts of the wave look like). The cave was at the top of a very tall waterfall that the instructor told me his father used to throw him down with a truck wheel inner tube around him. He gave the an inner tube and tossed me into the dark, narrow, wet cave – similar to Alice in Wonderland. The fall was very long and watery and I didn’t scream very much. I was pretty scared but exhilerated. When I hit water I could tell that I’d been falling fast. I went all the way to the rocky bottom but only with a touch on my foot. I pushed off and floated to surface quickly with the help of rubber innertube.
To get back up top had to go thru a disgusting hotel that had little kids running & playing wildly. One floor had a ceiling only four feet tall. Couldn’t find my way out but found the history of the cavern in millions of years time lapse. It was under the Lincoln memorial, even tho it didn’t look like the Lincoln memorial and was in the South, and started as a very special tree with very deep roots. To build the Lincoln memorial the tree was removed and pulling out the roots created the waterfall cavern.

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  1. Emily

    I love that you have no fear in a scary dream like that!!! I think it means you have to come surf with us!!!!