Dream Journal – Entry 13

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While I was actually sleeping in, I dreamed I was in some kind of family country house, sleeping in, feeling sexy, in a comfy bed in a bright room. I was awoken in the dream by some friends/family going to the porch that was next to my room. It was a happy awakening – they were dancing and laughing and waiting for me to join them when I was ready.

Later, I was guiding a number of puppies – perhaps 12 – perhaps beagles – from the house to another location on the hilly, dried grass covered country land. They were super cute and playful and I was anxious about getting them to where they were going while enjoying their playful, vulnerable cuteness.

I once described a dream to a Jungian dream analyst on twitter called @thecarljung. The 140 character (or less) description of the dream was “still lake, dry grasses, bright sun, sex.” The dry grasses and feeling of that dream are very similar to the one I’ve typed up here. The response from @thecarljung was

Your dream paints a picture of a calm sense of self understanding

which was totally awesome and unexpected.

In researching puppies and litters of puppies I’ve interpreted my dream to mean that there’s some new playful energy coming soon that is full of creativity, intuition and self understanding. Yay!

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