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There I was in the kitchen, making myself some coffee to perk me up a bit when the following lyrics came out of my mouth.

You raise my hopes, then you raise the odds.
You tell me that I dream to much

…from a The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove on Into the Labyrinth by Dead Can Dance.

The next thing to come from my mouth were incredible sobs. Heart-center-wringing sobs in a repeated rhythm every half second. I witnessed the whole process without much, if any, attachment to what was happening. There were no thoughts or feelings associated with the sobs. I went to my bed and screamed into my pillow over and over – the tears burned my eyes.

My dad taught me “Primal Scream Therapy” when I was a kid. He’d pick me up from the airport when I’d come for a visit and once in the cab of his red pick up truck (with his hand-made fiberglass trailer complete with woodstove, urinal, cooler and full-size murphy bed) he’d say “Enie, let me hear you scream.” He’d listen to me scream and then tell me to do it louder, which I would. This “conversation” lasted for as long as it took for me to scream with all of my body. I always felt a little high and VERY relaxed after those “therapy” sessions. He liked to tell me about this process when I was older and he’d describe how I’d arrive tense and uptight and after a few minutes of “PST” I’d be bouncy and happy-go-lucky again.

When I was just finishing college at MUM, I was given a beautiful jyotish quality pearl because it was recommended that I wear a pearl to support my moon and give me more emotional balance. When I put it on I screamed at the person I was sharing a house and car with, with such vigor that hot, burny tears came from my eyes and I was relatively disassociated with the feelings. The pearl allowed me to release what I’d had pent up inside me that was bothering me. I felt amazing after that “conversation.”

These three things are connected by the moon. The full moon was two nights ago at 1:40am. It is the Worm, Wind or Death Moon, among others in different cultures (these are Native American, Celtic and Pagan, respectively). I just within this last moon time, I spent 8 days diving under waves in the Caribbean Ocean, the most time I’ve spent in the ocean in 4 years (that’s one Leap Cycle!) if not longer. I’ve been cleansed by the Ocean and the moon. I’ve released my lack of commitment to being on Gaia and accepted a commitment to watch over and support another being on this planet. And with that commitment comes a renewed and strengthened commitment to doing all I can to support our planet.

This is the song that inspired all of this. Enjoy. It’s a masterpiece.

If you don’t see an embedded player (flash = boo!), click this link to listen to it on grooveshark.

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