Dream Journal – Entry 11

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I was on the deck of a big boat, lying on a blanket with my dad’s ex-girlfriend, Bonnie. She said “incoming.” in a calm way and I look up and see a giant wave coming towards the boat. It came over the side but only on the half of the deck that was opposite us. Another one came towards us on our side and it somehow missed us also.
When I looked over the railing at the water, I saw a water dragon – a dragon deva made from the waves – appearing and disappearing. He didn’t see us until I tried to show Bonnie and he looked over at us. We ran into a room and I told her to imagine Hanuman and Ganesha. He came into the room in human form and talked to us about something.
What surprised me most was how little fear I felt throughout.
The below image and quote are from this site where you can find some stories about Hanuman’s adventures.

Hanuman is known for being courageous, powerful, selfless and very faithful.

Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu deities. He’s the remover of obstacles and is very sweet.

Here is a great little chart explaining the symbolism present in his depiction.

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