a small list of requests

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1. if you own and use a cellular or mobile phone, please – don’t answer it if you can’t spend a moment to talk with the person calling you. that’s what voicemail and caller ID are for. if it’s an emergency, the person will call back. whatever you do, don’t answer and say “I have to call you right back.” seriously, whoever is calling can probably await your call back for a few minutes.

2a. there are these things in cars that the government says we’re supposed to use whenever we’re planning to turn. they’re called “turn signals” or “indicators” – some like to call them blinkers because they do that – they blink. and they’re yellow. and when someone is riding a bike on your right, and you’re planning to turn right, which would essentialy cut him/her off or worse, using your turn signal will warn the cyclist to stop and avoid an issue. it will keep your car from getting dented or scratched and will keep a cyclist as able as s/he was before you turned.
did you know that not using a turn signal can get you a ticket? yep. it’s one of those law thingies.

2b. if you are going to cut someone off, either with or without your turn signal, please just do it. if you change your velocity mid cut off, you make it even harder for the person avoiding bodily harm to get out of harm’s way.
start cut off at 30 mph – finish cut off at 30 mph.
but, you’re still a douchebag for doing it.

3. to stay with the whole car thing…
please, please, PLEASE – especially in san francisco – be aware of where you’re putting your car when you parallel park along the street. if you’re at the corner, line up with the edge of the corner/spot so that you maximize the chances of everyone getting a spot. if you park three feet away from the corner, the guy behind you parks four feet away from you and the guy behind him parks four feet away from him, that’s a whole spot. i’m not saying you should make it impossible for someone to get out of his/her parking spot because you only left them two inches, but think about how hard it is to find a spot and how nice it would be if everyone took everyone else into consideration.
but, perhaps that’s an entirely different topic.

and finally,
4. please be aware of the following when writing, anywhere.
they’re = ‘they are’ as in “they’re going to six flags”
there = ‘not here’ as in “the roller coaster is over there”
their* = ‘belongs to someone’ as in “those kids didn’t have a good ride. that’s their puke”
* this is plural! not to be used to refer to a singular person a la facebook’s updates about your friends. if you must refer to a singular person without a gender specification, please use “this/that person” “him/her” “his/hers” etc

And we’ll put it all together: They’re going to have to clean up all of their puke over there.

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