Project 40.02.00

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It’s a new moon and I’m ready to do Project 40 again. My boss posted this essay about Self Worth and then Sherene emailed about her 13th incarnation of Project 40 and I realized I was a little trepidatious about doing it again. I saw that the moon was at exactly 0% – completely new – and I knew it was time to start this process again.

Photo “Scorpio and Milky Way” by Rafael Defavari

Below is from Sherene’s Project 40 website:

Project 40:
The next (13th) incarnation of Project 40 is slated for November 13th to take advantage of the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. This eclipse coincides with the ongoing Scorpio themes (Saturn, Mercury and the North Node are all currently in Scorpio)… compelling us to dive deep within our psyches to uncover ancient fears and psychological patterns that keep us stuck, fixed in fear or stuck in the trenches of the past. The potential for transformation has never been more powerful. We are on the edge of discovering our true inner resourcefulness… that which sustains us when nothing else can sustain us, as Jung said.

This time I’m going to focus on creativity. I will do something creative every day and document it here in one way or another. I’m offering up my hesitation and trepidation about my self-worth as a creative being.

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