Project 40.02.01

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In my last post I said I’d do something creative every day, for 40 days, in an effort to move into a bigger space as a creative person.

I wrote this little “haiku” to the moon:
Oh blackest black moon
renew me with your empty
and lets start anew

And now, onto the 7 Elements:
I’m not really sure how this part benefits me but I’m doing it anyway.

Woke up to a dream about being on the beach and climbing up a weather balloon that was attached to the shore. Family was there. The light reminds me of New Zealand.

I ate well. Used good body mechanics at work.

I was lacking judgement all day.

I had tea instead of coffee because I knew I’d need the focused caffeine rather than the diffuse caffeine of coffee. I wanted coffee.

Looked at the clock at 3:33

I kept my timing tight but it worked out perfectly. Nothing like giving yourself only 10 minutes in the co-op to keep you on your grocery list!

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