Project 40.01.18

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I bought two and got these free! I love inexpensive but good quality sunglasses.

Origins of this project can be read here.

I have very little patience for mediocre service at any place that offers customer service. Oh. I’ve mentioned that before. I guess it’s not much of a confession anymore. Oh, I know, I tend to repeat myself – within words (I stutter sometimes), sentences (kinda like Elmer Fudd “I say, I say…”), conversations (sometimes that sentence or idea needs to be said twice) and I will tell you the same story many times until the underlying issue is resolved (case in point above).

– I know I saw a 37 somewhere today.
– I returned something and got the same amount back as the thing I wanted to get instead. The new thing was on sale which made this happen. I did not know it was on sale when I chose to purchase it.

– Walked a lot.
– Snuggled a lot.
– Had sugar but it was in REALLY GOOD food and the bod seems okay with it.

Vice: Ate three (delicious) sweet things today.
Virtue: I know that my sugar addiction is not in charge.

I let go of my resistance to owning/using purses and started looking for a black one. This sounds superficial, and in a way it is. My resistance to owning/using a purse was pretty strong and judgmental so it’s a deeper thing than it seems.


We had a list of things to do today and did them all (including getting an awesome “free third pair” of sunglasses – see above). Not a bad way to spend a day off with my beloved.

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