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…stepping onto a new branch of my path that has served to open my heart and ground me into this body, all while being my “job” as Chiropractic Assitant to Dr. Melanie Hernand (aka Dr. Mel) at SoulWorks. I love Network Spinal Analysis – it changed my life over 10 years ago and continues to do so now.
…finally taking Mark Morford‘s yoga class which promptly and joyfully kicked my ass. To top it off, I discovered that his SF Gate column is still alive and robust, which is contrary to what I thought I’d read a year or so ago. I’m looking forward to catching up by reading all of the posts I’ve missed.
…sunshine + cool breeze + in the nest + fruit salad = perfect
elbow in the ears thanks to wreckaclub and Lee Rader‘s pick this week is really filling me with joy. Wreckaclub has really opened my ears to such amazing music. It’s almost too much to handle sometimes. If you like all kinds of music, but mostly music that’s really excellent in it’s own way, do check out the club sometime. You can sit and have a virtual beer with them while nerding out about music in YOUR own way. They let me go over there to gush about The Smiths a few weeks ago and it totally changed the way I listen to not just The Smiths and Morrissey, but all music. It was like going to music camp and I loved it.

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