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I’ve hidden in bathrooms before Hoping for the immenent to pass Knowing that now had to be made First

Aperture of the Soul

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Comments on my previous post inspired me to feel a little deeper into certain aspects of life and how change comes about, whether we want it or not. I mentioned to Jim that there must exist “an aperture of the soul” that we can adjust when a new focus is needed. This made me think […]

Unresolved In Your Heart


I’ve been feeling a little off lately and think it’s because I’m having some trouble with my wrists which is making me both nervous about working as well as less inclined to get exercise. I decided to go to yogatothepeople today for a yoga class (gotta run – it’s in 30 min) and on their […]

Alfredo and the best corn muffins ever

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I’ve been a fan of corn bread and corn muffins since I can remember.So, when I saw this post by Shanny’s sister, Rena: I decided to try it.Ever the fiddler, here’s how I changed it. Rena’s Corn MuffinsSlightly adapted(I copied and pasted her recipe and directions and edited where I changed it) Ingredients * […]

a small list of requests

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1. if you own and use a cellular or mobile phone, please – don’t answer it if you can’t spend a moment to talk with the person calling you. that’s what voicemail and caller ID are for. if it’s an emergency, the person will call back. whatever you do, don’t answer and say “I have […]

what if

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if i wear flowers and vanillaand see your skin in my milky tea if i paint my nails the way you wouldand wear my clothes as if they are yours if i dream of you when out of bodyand spend waking hours longing for those dreams if i share your soulwith the rest of the […]

memories of ron – part I

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my dad’s a scuba diver. when I spent summers with him, sometimes he’d take me out to his dives with him. that usually meant that I’d sit in the boat while he was digging up starfish and sea urchins. sometimes I’d swim around and try to get back in the boat (which usually meant I’d […]

words and notes by friends – together for 60 minutes

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hear Obvious World and me read some poems that are backed up by Joel Garnier’s musical stylings here. The song should start right away. I wrote these poems when I was in college and recorded myself reading them a couple of months ago. Obvious always seems to be writing poems and he recorded his readings […]


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last night I dreamed of blood it was deep and dark and I was in it there was a black haired maiden at my feet urging me to tear myself open even more

while you were away

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wanting to write a poem to encompass the depth and breadth of emotions i’ve been feeling lately, yet feeling trite, saccharine and obvious, i chose to read instead. i happened upon this poem in the May 2007 issue of The Sun that somehow helped me feel slightly less singular. while you were awayby Richard Newman […]