The good and the frustrating


I did a little “cross training” today.
It’s supposed to be the last rest day in a rest week so I shouldn’t be doing any training but I was late for the train so I started jogging.
I missed it so I went to the store for some water since the Saturday Caltrain schedule gave me a full hour until the next train and the only water in site at the ALC orientation had big “volunteers only” signs on it. I should have had my bottle, like I do every other day, but this is a new thing for me and I was off my game.
On my way back to the train station, I could see a white haired, boot wearing, rose tintedly bespeckled cyclist spinning very slowly up a small hill. I thought to give him some words of encouragement but didn’t for fear of sounding patronizing. He stopped and asked me if I was going to the train station. When I gave the affirmative, the following conversation ensued.
“Please take my ticket. They wouldn’t let me on the train with my bike. This will save you a couple of dollars.”
“They wouldn’t let you on? Why not?”
“They said there were already too many bikes so I’m just going to go home disappointed.” pulls out the exact ticket I use, hands it to me and says “This’ll getcha to zone two.”
“Thank you so much! I’m sorry you couldn’t get on the train!”
“Well, I’ll just go home. Gosh, I like your glasses and you sure do wear them well.”

I’m still upset that this weekend warrior trying to go somewhere special on his bike wasn’t allowed because of Caltrain’s ridiculous bike policy. But I’m grateful for his generous attitude and sweet demeanor. I hope someone gifts him with something extra super special today.

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2 Responses to “The good and the frustrating”

  1. shalako

    Yay zoobs!

  2. carlomarx

    very nice. probably a karmic reciprocation from something extra super special you did at some point… or maybe just cause of your cool glasses.