Cycling Buddies

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These are my teammates.

My coach, riding buddy, partner and best friend, Shanny Bannanny Sis Boom Bammy aka Shannon Shalako. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t feel as prepared as I do for this crazy seven day ride from SF to LA!

realistic energy chew, no?

Justine Bateman Veber, Jetson, Juicy, or Justin Case, whatever you call him, he’s my happy maker when I need it. He started out without a bike and is now a HAWD COAH cyclist, riding about 100 miles a week by riding home (SF Mission District) from work (Millbrae or Redwood City) a few times a week.

helmets are the best hair stylers

This is Emily.

She gets two pictures because she’s
super fun/silly

super hot

Also, she’s got enough energy to be at least two, if not three teammates. We heart her for doing this ride for the 8th time and showing us the ropes.

This is our beloved roadie Greg. He’s definitely the wind beneath our wings. He loves orange and cute illustrations of monsters and anthropomorphized animals and inanimate objects. He said “I’m not going to bike but I’ll drive!” and thus the PIKLWGN is driving sweep so Greggie will be sweeping us off our wheels (and taking us to the hotel – KIDDING!)

sweet perfection in the tub

Here you’ll find, on the left, Jimmy Kitty. He’s our bestest cheerleader who’s going to meet us in LA when we cannot walk anymore and take us to a fancy hotel and put us in the salt water pool. We heart Jimmy Kitty for being such a fluffernutter.
On the right is our animal loving, soon to be vet friend Eric. He’s not going to be on the medical team (snicker) but will be roadie-ing at the ALC Store. He’s the one who will avert his eyes when we five finger discount bandanas (KIDDING! we’ll totally buy them! [if they’re cute!])

close up and serious
[Eric’s not usually that serious, but sometimes he can be a little judgemental]

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