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PRIDE weekend!

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This is the first time in my almost 8 years living in the Bay Area that I celebrated Pride weekend ALL WEEKEND! SATURDAY My friends Jim and Kiki live in a great apartment that overlooks the Dyke March‘s route so they open their doors to us almost every year so we can watch/participate. The Dyke […]

Rock Steady


Shannon has a little medley he likes to sing every once in a while.It goes like this:“Solid. Solid as a rock, steady, steady rockin’ all night long.” I can’t remember why it came up tonight but we realized it’s a medley of two songs from the 80s that use “rock” in the chorus so off […]

ALC8 wrap up….finally


AIDS/Lifecycle 8 was a mixed bag for me starting with fundraising finishing with the ride itself. – I wanted to raise $5k and made it as far as $3600, which is awesome, just not what I was aiming for. – I had physical challenges that kept me off of the bike for about 160 of […]

Dream Journal – Entry 03

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1.From someplace extremely high above a city, we jumped. As if skydiving, with thrill and safety.Sylvia led the way. I screamed in stomach flip-flopping fear/excitement.It was scary but fun.A red metal structure made of bars came zooming into view, still very far away from the tops of skyscrapers. I got nervous about landing on it […]