Rock Steady


Shannon has a little medley he likes to sing every once in a while.
It goes like this:
“Solid. Solid as a rock, steady, steady rockin’ all night long.”

I can’t remember why it came up tonight but we realized it’s a medley of two songs from the 80s that use “rock” in the chorus so off to YouTube I went to find them.

First, I found Solid – a fun song and a cute vid. Dude’s got some serious style but his stylist on the video shoot should have untucked his jacket…

Then I found the gold: The Whispers: Rock Steady.

If you don’t have five minutes to spend with your speakers on, come back when you do. I’ll wait.



I need to make a time stamp list of awesomeness (if you click on the video to go to the youtube page, there should be a comment by addycat777 [aka me] with the time stamps as links if you want to save yourself a little effort – however, not all of these are there and I got the numbers wrong and youtube wouldn’t let me edit or repost – argh!):

1. 0:37 – favorite dance move with the appendicular body

2. 0:59 – love the bearded back up singer/dancer (his beard looks glued on)
Watch for more of him cuz his moves are hot. (I’ll spare you additional time stamps about him)

3. 1:26 – hey! where did those dancers come from?

4. 1:36 – “doin’ the snake. mmm…maybe not…”

5. 1:44 – his “jazz square” pirouette reminds me of my jazz dance class when I was 9. We listened to this song during our warm up, which included jazz squares with our feet and hips.

6. 1:57 – enter freight elevator. that must be on what the crowd comes to populate this underground funk party.

7. 2:31-2:34 – I WILL learn this dance move and show you at the next party.

8. 2:48 – is that a tour jete I see in the background?? Justin did a couple of those for me on my birthday. He’s really good at it, very graceful and always has pointed toes (even in cycling shoes!).

9. 3:22 – after more freight elevator and a moment without the crowd, they’re in their party suits.

10. 3:32 – dude with the sunglasses and half-fro is really feelin’ it

11. 3:55 – can’t quite figure out why they went back to the other, “not party” suits…

12. 4:06 – looks like they can’t either!

13. 4:33 – I know they used the “not party” suit footage here because of this sick move. it’s spontaneous – not to be replicated – magic, caught on film.

This song makes me happy. Although, after trying to get all of those time stamps just right, I need to avoid it for a little while… but this video I could watch without sound, over and over while practicing all of those moves. Soon, I too will be able to dance like Barack Obama.

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2 Responses to “Rock Steady”

  1. Douglas

    This is a valuable contribution to the canon of cultural criticism. Now would you please direct your sharp, critical eye to "It's a Love Thing" and "And the Beat Goes On"?

  2. Ysha

    yup. And I liked the obama link too. So that's what you do in SF. THanks for sharing, Shannon!