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The good and the frustrating


I did a little “cross training” today. It’s supposed to be the last rest day in a rest week so I shouldn’t be doing any training but I was late for the train so I started jogging. I missed it so I went to the store for some water since the Saturday Caltrain schedule gave […]

Cycling Buddies

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These are my teammates. My coach, riding buddy, partner and best friend, Shanny Bannanny Sis Boom Bammy aka Shannon Shalako. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t feel as prepared as I do for this crazy seven day ride from SF to LA! realistic energy chew, no? Justine Bateman Veber, Jetson, Juicy, or Justin Case, […]

Almost a century

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On Monday, May 4th, Shannon and I had biking fittings with the awesome Lorri Lee Lown, of Velogirls – Northern California’s largest women’s cycling club. Shannon discovered her on the ALC8 discussion forum when she responded to his post regarding his saddle. He told me about her because he knew that I needed a proper […]