The path of the comeback

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Justin called us up this afternoon to see if Shannon could help him with a bike issue. We took it as instigation to go on our first ride with more of our team.
After Shannon fixed his bike (just some tightening and adjusting) Justin joined us for a ride out to Ocean Beach.
It was a gorgeous, sunny, 70 degree day – perfect for biking.
We rode just over 22 miles starting with going thru The Wiggle (the flat route from Lower Haight to GG Park), down Kennedy Dr thru GG Park to the Ocean Beach where there were tons of people, bikes, kites, surfers, frisbees, etc. It was a total beach day – minus the getting into the water sans wetsuit part.
We decided to go thru the Presidio on the way to Hog Island Oyster Company to say hi to Justin’s hubby Greg (our roadie). Back thru GG Park to Arguello which took us straight into the Presidio. When we got to GG Bridge we all decided we still had energy and time enough to cross the bridge and come back.
The trip from the bridge to Embarcadero was chilly – all shade – easily only 55 degrees. But once we hit the Embarcadero we were uplifted by the sun and completely comfortable following the meandering bike lane thru the long lines of backed up traffic made of cars with all windows open.
We said hi to Greg – chatted a bit and then decided that BART would be the best option home as Justin and I were feeling a bit tired – I’m sure Shanny could have biked the rest of Embarcadero and up 16th if he’d wanted to go on his own.
It was great to be back on the bike – especially with another team member – and I’m looking forward to the next ride being longer and sooner.
Till then!

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