Follow the Golden Gate Bridge..?

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…follow the Golden Gate Bridge!
(imagine that said like the very beginning of “follow the yellow brick road” in The Wizard of Oz)
That’s exactly what I did on Monday – I followed the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Fairfax.
After the best coffee ever (not just because I was chilly but because it was really brilliant coffee) in Fairfax, I discovered I had a soft/flat tire so Shannon (my coach and riding partner extraordinaire) changed the tube for me using his trusty CO2 cartridge.
Those things make me nervous – they fill SO FAST! I thought the tire was too full so I had him deflate it a bit.
After riding about five miles it turns out it was too soft so we pulled over to top it off (with that darn CO2 cartridge – a challenging friend!) and it broke the tire valve on the new tube.
So, we put the old tube back in because it was only a slow leak and Shan sprinted to the bike shop about three miles away while I rode on a very soft but psi maintaining rear tube.
He got another cartridge and tube but my slow leak tube got me all the way home and we were able to give our extra cartridge to a couple on a tandem, stuck with a flat in the middle of the bridge, after dark!
The total miles – 48!!
I’m so happy – I’m not sore and am looking forward to biking to and from Point Reyes very soon (that’s about 80 some miles!)

Wanna help me reach my goal?

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