The rain rain went away!

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Since November, I’ve been in massage school. I changed my work schedule so that I can go to class from 2pm – 9:30pm on Tuesdays. This was the first Tuesday when I didn’t have to take the classes offered and it was PERFECT biking weather.

We woke up around 10 and said “let’s bike to Fairfax!” and we did!

Training has been hard for the last couple of weeks because it’s been raining a lot on my days off. While I don’t mind riding in the rain, it’s really hard to decide to do it when it’s also really cold, my apartment is cozy and I have anatomy homework to do. Our Sunday training rides with other ALC8 riders (and friends) has been canceled two Sundays in a row now due to really bad weather (windy, cold, pouring rain).

We left around noonish after having Shanny’s special steel cut oats, peanut butter and prunes (usually we use raisins but we were out – raisins are definitely better). I discovered today that my warm up is riding from our place at 16th and Valencia to Golden Gate Bridge along this path.

The last little bit of Arguello before it enters into the Presidio (the long street in the middle heading into the big green area) is the nastiest little hill. It’s soo steep but thankfully it’s only two blocks long – I still end up at the top totally winded and needing a bit of a rest.

The Golden Gate Bridge crossing is my least favorite – sadly – as it should be super sweet. Yes, the view is outstanding and incredibly special but by the time we get past all the tourists walking, tourists on bikes, tourists standing in the middle of the walkway taking pictures and not hearing the cyclists approaching from behind yelling “on your left!”, I’m annoyed, to say the least. But, then we get the fabulous downhill into Sausalito. That hill is dessert before dinner – tho, it’s also work after play when the ride is reversed – phew!

The stand out items from today’s ride are:
1. We got to Fairfax in just over 2 hours – much better than the 3 hours it took last time.
2. I rode up White’s Hill without much trouble – but was definitely at the last of my energy before lunch.
3. The coffee “prize” I gave myself at Fairfax Coffee Roastery (no online presence could be found! how odd!). Their coffee is all roasted right there and they have a lot of organic options. I got a 16 oz americano and added honey and soy (and a splash of half n’ half) and it was a great treat – except that I could only finish half of it (I know, I know, blaspheme but it was time to go!)
4. We made it home in six hours total – which is what we did last time WITHOUT White’s Hill AND the lunch/coffee break we took in the sun. Yay!

With hope, my next post will be sooner – here’s to good weather on my days off!!

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