Timber Phoenix, Kitty Extraordinaire

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The Friday night before Mother’s Day, we drove from Burlingame to Pacifica down a road called Sharp Park. It’s a two lane road with a 4 foot tall cement median dividing the two sets of two lanes. It was still very light out at 6:45 or so and I was able to notice, as the passenger, that there was a tiny little kitten walking up the road, on the inside of the road against the median.

Immediately I said “Shannonthatwasakitten! *sobbing immediately* We have to turn around and go get it *continued sobbing*”
We drove another mile down the road to get around the median and go back up the other side of the road. I spotted kitty and we pulled over and put the hazards on. I ran across the traffic free road to the median and the sound of the mewing. I said “kitty kitty – i’m coming” and when I reached over the median to get her, she looked up at me, right in my eyes, and put her little paws up to meet my reaching hands.
We were on our way to dinner at Kyle’s and brought her in while we ate homemade pizza and bonded with his parents and she stayed in a clean recycling bin.

The first thought was to give her to Shan’s step mom Kathy for mother’s day but then we fell in love with her and she’s ours. Yay!
happy, sleepy kitten
distracted kitten

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