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4 reasons why I’m excited

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1. I just found a set of glow-in-the-dark rosary beads on the ground in the parking lot and they are still rubber banded and in a little zip lock bag. I’ve always thought the glow-in-the-dark Christian artifacts seemed a little strange and now I have some of my own little-strange-Christian-artifact to make art with!The bag […]

self portrait challenge – food.02


My second “food” entry for SPC. On Sunday, we went to Baker BeachView Larger Map and grumbled at the Blue Angels flexing their military muscle all over our supposed-to-be quiet day. Eventually, they landed and we were able to take a nap that left us hungry.Hungry and near Clement Street(which might as well be China […]

self portrait challenge – food.01


The challenge for SPC this month is food. Yay! I love food and I love photographing food and I love taking self portraits. I’ve just never focused on doing them together so this is super fun for me (rubs hands together with glee). The hardest part of this challenge is choosing only one image to […]


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last night, I was honored enough to have a few tastes of a madeira made in 1910. it was the first, and, I pray, not the last, time i’ve ever ingested anything almost a century old and i could taste the history. it was smooth and wonderful and perfect, in every way. now i want […]

reflecting on the changes of the last decade and a half

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15 years ago compared to now .:my mom keeps telling her friends that they can’t trust me anymore and then she giggles. fun little jokester former hippy mom. i don’t think she trusted me much when I was 15..:i still like birthday cake AND cookies on my birthday..:shiny red flats and a black and white […]

things I saw at the park

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it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day, and my roommate and I went to brunch. we ate brunch inside and then decided to go to the park. we saw my bike messenger friend by the video store. we all decided to get ice cream and then go to the park – my friend would meet […]

the latest good stuff

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. :chocolate pecan pie without vanilla – kinda brownie like – homemade crust is much better than expected – missing the vanilla but loving the dagoba in pure form. :birthday pajama party with giant, rubber, blue, nipply ball play (with photos!). :3rd grade jokes really make you laugh when you’re hiking in the berkeley hills. […]


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I know why they call it a fast.When I dramatically change the way I eatfor just a few days at a timeeverythingmovessomuchfastermy mind, my feet, my mouth, my wit, my appetite i remember once being on a juice fast in fairfield.i bought freshly juiced beets and carrotsdrank one little bottle every 30 mini hadsomuchenergy an […]