4 reasons why I’m excited

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1. I just found a set of glow-in-the-dark rosary beads on the ground in the parking lot and they are still rubber banded and in a little zip lock bag. I’ve always thought the glow-in-the-dark Christian artifacts seemed a little strange and now I have some of my own little-strange-Christian-artifact to make art with!
The bag has marks on it like it got rolled over with a car. That makes me giggle.

2. Yesterday I whacked my arm on the counter at work (again) and promptly put arnica cream on it and took some arnica pills. A few hours later, I did the arnica again. Then I went home and ate lots of fresh pineapple.
Arnica and the bromine in pineapple are supposed to keep bruises from discoloring and hurting.
Today, the bruise is half what it was the last time I whacked my arm into the counter and it doesn’t hurt at all. Yay for homeopathy and healing with foods!

3. The fresh pineapple I ate last night was AMAZING! We ate a quarter of it raw and put the rest of it into the braised chicken broth to cook and add it’s flavor. Fresh pineapple cooked with chicken is really tasty – a completely different fruit than the common canned pineapple one finds in chinese food and on Hawaiian pizza. YUM!
The chicken turned out amazingly too!

4. We have two pints of ben and jerry’s in the freezer waiting to be devoured. Call me over 30 but I’m so excited for ice cream and a DVD tonight.

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