reflecting on the changes of the last decade and a half

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15 years ago compared to now

.:my mom keeps telling her friends that they can’t trust me anymore and then she giggles. fun little jokester former hippy mom. i don’t think she trusted me much when I was 15.
.:i still like birthday cake AND cookies on my birthday.
.:shiny red flats and a black and white dress were my birthday dinner garb – not much has changed since I made a vow at 15 to put in my will that my funeral would be “a party on Big Sandy Beach (or Singing Sands – depending on who you talk to) where everyone had to wear only black, white and/or red and they could only bring balloons and that they all had to dance rather than cry” – I still agree with that sentiment and still have no will, nor valuables to put into a will. my cds always go to someone at least 10 years younger than me. yes, I still buy cds.
.:This Night Has Opened My Eyes is still my most favorite Smiths song ever. I still listen to it over and over in one sitting – just not as often as when I was 15.
.:When i was 15 and told someone something that was personal, it never was very personal and I was always a bit hyper about his/her reaction. Now, I still get sad when I share something I feel to be emotionally exposing and I either get no response at all or get a response that seems to come from a place of not understanding what I was saying. The latter is easier for me to deal with than the former because at least I feel that it’s okay to keep talking about it. The former happened recently, twice, with the same person, and it’s really made me sad but I’m must more okay with it than I would have been at 15. The latter happened over and over with the same person and it left me feeling a need for space, and I asked for it. I wouldn’t have been able to do it like that when I was 15.
.:i don’t drink as much now as I did when I was 15. And when I drink wine now, it’s almost always out of a glass, and not the bottle, unlike 15 years ago when I spilled pink paul masson wine down both sides of my face, while laughing, and not choking, and trying to chug it so I could get drunk.
.:i’m much more balanced when i’m stoned. I still get a little too chatty and sometimes talk out my ass, but I have more of a rein on the runaway thought/babble patterns.
.:I’m softer now.
.:My smile is twice as big and twenty gazillion times more sincere.
.:My eyebrows look ridiculously better now that I’ve learned the art of eyebrow shaping.
.:Feelings are allowed to exist inside me now.
.:Swearing is not nearly as common these days as it was back then – I was so angry at 15.
.:My hair’s basically the same. I like my curls and they’re good at telling me how to make them look.
.:I feel much less of a need to talk about my beliefs now than I did then. PHEW!

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