Strawberry fields…

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…for MILES!
Strawberry fields...

For Shannon’s birthday last week, we went to Santa Cruz to see his step mom and go for a long training ride thru a new area.
We decided we’d go thru Watsonville and discovered that our route took us straight thru the ripe strawberry fields. OMG – YUM! It smelled amazing.

We took a break at a roadside stand to hydrate and have a snack – the snack was a quart of organic strawberries that were probably only a few days from the field. YaUm!

Strawberry performance nutrition

The ride was 61 miles total and even tho I cried for about a mile near the end, I made it. I wasn’t in a lot of pain – just some strain that was gone the next morning.

Next step is getting a proper bike fitting so I can eliminate that strain on my wrists and left leg. Will let you know how that one goes.

I still need a bit of help with my fundraising – I’d LOVE to get to $5k so I can ride around in a special jersey that shows that I inspired people to donate $5k to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in our lifetime.

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