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Ten of my favorite experiences with my breath 1. when I’ve had some wine and I exhale deeply I really enjoy the quality of my breath. 2. when I’ve been dancing for hours and feeling the music and my body and my breath takes over and it’s deep and full and loud – then I […]

reflecting on the changes of the last decade and a half

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15 years ago compared to now .:my mom keeps telling her friends that they can’t trust me anymore and then she giggles. fun little jokester former hippy mom. i don’t think she trusted me much when I was 15..:i still like birthday cake AND cookies on my birthday..:shiny red flats and a black and white […]

things I saw at the park

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it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day, and my roommate and I went to brunch. we ate brunch inside and then decided to go to the park. we saw my bike messenger friend by the video store. we all decided to get ice cream and then go to the park – my friend would meet […]

plus; +; positive; more than neutral; opposite of negative

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My blogs have been so negative and full of turmoil and strife lately so I’ve decided to share some “victories” with y’all, if only to let it be known that there is a very lighthearted being behind/above/within/around/next to that heavy one. I had a GREAT day today: :It started with discovering that my bike wasn’t […]

music makes me feel better

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1a. grumplesaurus all day (gawd I can’t wait to be done with this job – only 20 more working days…) decided to take a very small check to the bank just to get out of this office.couldn’t resist the mega media store “sale” on “80s” stuff I walked out with a flatter wallet and three […]

longing for Long – pt.2

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I was born in Portland, the town this island used to be a part of (until they seceded on July 1, 1995 – which makes the week of the 4th of July every year since, a bit hazy for most residents). My parents broke up after three years of my life and my mom took […]

longing for Long – pt.1

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First off, I have to say that there are at least five Long Islands in MAINE alone so please don’t say “don’t you mean New York?” like most of the fools I’ve told about my childhood home say to me. Anywho…My dad built this amazingly weird and wonderful house (that some said was actually a […]

the latest good stuff

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. :chocolate pecan pie without vanilla – kinda brownie like – homemade crust is much better than expected – missing the vanilla but loving the dagoba in pure form. :birthday pajama party with giant, rubber, blue, nipply ball play (with photos!). :3rd grade jokes really make you laugh when you’re hiking in the berkeley hills. […]

recent events in haiku

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today:flipping thru a booktime to turn to the next page;i reach for my mouse two days ago:tried on boots todaytoo bad they were not perfect.i am very sad off and on but regularly (and cheesily expressed):wishing for a causebut only receive a pause;my shoulders drop down two weeks ago:fall in the city,like summer on the […]

orange blood..blood oranges

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orange blood ..being told that my blood is deficient and then feeling dizzy for minutes after a hot bath and dinner..my face felt like rubber as I splashed water on it and my hands feel too big..headaches..feeling ‘too old’ and ‘like a librarian’ at a club when all I want to do is dance..smog and […]