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Seven things I like to do while riding my bicycle:

1. give out tickets, in my head, to douchebags not doing things according to standard, ticketable, traffic laws.

2. fart – it’s the funnest place to fart – except for maybe around the campfire.

3. sing a song that goes “la la la la”

4. pedal as fast as I can and then laugh or say “yeah!” kinda to myself – working up to shouting it out loud.

5. record outgoing voicemail messages to amuse those who make it to the voicemail box connected to my phone number. there are two different messages…

6. squint, carefully, and tilt my helmeted head down a bit so the visor blocks the sun because I’m not pleased with any of my current sunglasses.

7. change gears – soon, I’ll get to change 27 but for over a month I’ve only really used two – maybe four. (broken right side lever – only three gears in back and I never really use the big chain ring in front)

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