all i need is what i had

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it’s as if last november were still here
on the way to the cove of memory
to process a finished love
and feed the intertidal life

air: merely cold
light: x-rays into my longingness

then the tears came with no control
the tears now are less
tho sourced similarly

then: survival mode
innards exposed without interpretation or understanding

now:the girl with her memories etched into her skin with permanence
hears the story and is inspired
puts her spin out there

your x-ray perception
straight to my heart
has shown me
that the essence I was forced to expose
is all that matters

i want to thank her
and avoid her calls
for sharing

i’m in the midst of a trauma, leave a message, I’ll call you back…
some people should die, that’s just unconscious knowledge.
because, the deeper you go, the wider you spread. you’ve gotta depend on me now, your vision is dead

those lyrics have always resonated with me for some reason. now it all makes sense.

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