Project 40.01.09

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In case you’re wondering what all this Project 40 talk is about, here’s my first post explaining what this is all about.

“There they are, and there they’ll stay.”

I have a lot of rules in my head and I get upset when they aren’t followed.

Read that there’s a great Mercury retrograde meets the sun day happening tomorrow. I have a Gemini sun and definitely resonate with what’s described there.


Vitrtue: no coffee today (even tho I wanted one)
Vice: had a tablespoon of soy ice cream and a square inch of dark chocolate with hazelnuts, got overly demanding in an emotional way

I thought of a good one for today but forgot it.

I wore my Narasimha shirt today with the intent of reminding myself about this deity. What I gathered from that wiki page is that
1) He protects his devotees when they are in extreme danger
2) He’s very loyal
3) He’s very smart in that awesome Vedic Literature kind of way. Also, He’s pretty badass.

I found the shirt at Amma’s ashram in San Ramon, CA and got it, even tho I knew nothing about Him. I wear it from time to time when I feel I need some support.

None. It was a day off from work. I watched TV all day, got a headache and some frustration from that, then went out for some groceries, tried to educate a fellow cyclist about tight bike parking manners (he ignored me), and then came home and felt frustrated. (sounds like all the status updates and tweets we all scroll right on by)

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