best chat ever

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jkitten: WOW
jkitten: I just did a HUGE walk about outside

acrimson: nice – what did you find?

jkitten: a new branch of my bank to make a deposit
jkitten: then two little alleyways that cut off the people traffic… and a cute little crafts gallery

acrimson: fun
acrimson: did you get rained on?

jkitten: THEN I went to Hole Dudes and picked up “stuff” for tonight

acrimson: Hole Dudes – I thought you were referring to a gay sex toy shop

jkitten: it is really cruisey at Hole Dudes… esp in the fruit section

acrimson: LOL

jkitten: yes I did get rained on… and when I was totally wet, I started dancing up by the carousel, like flashdance, whipping my hair around my face and through myself up againist the concrete wall… slowly sliding down to the ground.

acrimson: no you didn’t
acrimson: I don’t believe you

jkitten: I wanted to
jkitten: makes for a nice picture

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